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EXO 38 - Artificial Surf Wave

First floating artificial standing wave in France ! Hydrostadium, Method and Exoloisirs have joined forces to offer you the best artificial wave technology.

The height of the wave can be adjusted up to 130cm in order to adapt to the level of the surfer. The activity is accessible from 10 years.

Whether you are more surf, wakesurf or neophyte, you will love!

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670 m of ride with obstacles


THE artificial wave in the Alps


To chill out in the sun or the shade


All technical equipment and advice


To quench your thirst and sate your hunger at the water's edge


Accessible to all from 10 years old


Privatization, business meeting, birthday...

Open hours

Rates A.T.I.

Artificial wave surf Session 1h41 €
Artificial wave surf Session 1h ( with wakepark season card )36 €
Exclusive Artificial wave surf Session 1h349 €
Rigid surfboard rental 1h10 €


Surfboard, helmet, life vest and wet suit included.

Reservations required.

Reservations are only online.

You must arrive 15 minutes before the start of your session.



Coming from Grenoble, to take Highway A41 direction Chambéry, taken out 24b Froges-Brignoud - 7 Laux, to cross the bridge then in the traffic circle direction 7 Laux-Allevard - Pontcharra, to be approximately 3,5 km and for the traffic circle to take direction Tencin, to continue and 50m after the marked traffic circle Tencin to turn left just after the sawmill directionparks SNCF and school complex Tencin, to cross the railroad, to take the way to the left on 1km approximately

Coming from Chambéry, to take Highway A41 direction Grenoble, taken(brought) out 23 Touvet, to take to the right direction 7 Laux-Goncelin, to cross Isère, in the red light to take to the right direction Tencin, make approximately 7 km, to cross Tencin, just after the panel Tencin taken out of urban area, to turn right before the sawmill direction parks SNCF


Site plan

Plan exo38